Read BEFORE Booking Appointment

Click on the appointment that states how many kids you have. For example, if you have 3 kids you would click on ‘Home school 3 children Appointment’. Do NOT set up individual times for each child. The appointment should be made in a parent’s name, NOT the child(rens) name. You will be assigned one time no matter how many kids you have that will be photographed. In some cases, multiple families will be given the same appointment time. All portraits are headshots of each child individually. No group photos.

The times that are shown are the times that are available.  Once a time slot is filled it will NOT show up.

Please do NOT trade with another family. You must cancel your appointment and then they must book their appointment. Do NOT book multiple appointments and then pick one of them to come. This is unfair to families wanting to come in but the day is full.

Your appointment will be at Steve Sheldon Photography, 311 South Swain Avenue, Bloomington, IN 47401.  Swain is one block east of Jordan Avenue. 311 S Swain is in between Third Street and Atwater Avenue, which are East – West streets.  Other places in our area are Mother Bears Pizza and Ami Restaurant.

We have a parking in front, but it is a small lot. When you come for pictures, please try not to visit with other families. Others may be circling the block waiting on a parking spot to open up. Please do NOT park in other lots as you may be towed. If needed, park behind another car in our lot and come in. It might be one of ours and you can stay there.

You will receive a link to order your photos. All orders will be mailed to you. If you order within 5 days of getting the link there is FREE shipping. After that shipping will be $4 per student.
Any questions, e-mail