We believe...

Parents should see their childs photo before spending their hard earned money.

Schools shouldn't have to pass out or collect order forms.

Students shouldn't have to be responsible for bringing back cash or checks to school for picture orders.

Schools shouldn't be responsible for passing out finished orders to students.

Photographers should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for any reason.

Why choose us?

Online Ordering

Photos are uploaded quickly, often within minutes, to our secure website where families can view their child's proofs before purchasing. Orders are then shipped within 48 hours, directly to their home.

Environmentally Friendly

We use a paperless process to organize information and photos. Email address allow for an efficient picture day, while always keeping information private and secure. You will no longer need to pass out or collect paper order forms.

Why are schools switching to Sheldon School Pictures?

Given todays technology, communication between school administrators and families has evolved. Does it make sense for you to distribute paper forms, collect money, or pass out orders? We don't think so. Switch to Sheldon School Pictures because we handle your picture days the way you would expect them to be handled in the 21st century. We've been providing Indiana school pictures since 1974.

How do we compare?

Sheldon School Pictures Other Picture Companies
Professional Photographers
Online proofs uploaded quickly, often the same day
Online ordering
No minimum
E-delivery of digital pictures
Only ordered pictures are printed
Orders mailed within 48 hours


Price Guarantee

With our low price guarantee, simply tell us the number of pages and lock in your price. No need to tell us how many until you order. It is that easy!

Support Guarantee

We take support serious. Whether you want us to create your yearbook or just need a helping hand, we have you covered.

Easy Guarantee

We have streamlined the creation and production of yearbooks. Utilizing our complimentary software, any one can easily create a yearbook.


Services We Offer

ID Cards

Administrative Software Photo Download

All School Composites

Class Composites

Principal Album

Fundraising with School Pictures and Yearbooks

Sports Photos (School Sports, Leagues, Travel Teams)


Proms and Dances

Corporate Parties

And so much more!

What Other People Say

Working with Sheldon School Pictures over the past five years has been one on the most pleasant and seamless tasks during the school year. Sheldon School Pictures is organized, friendly, prompt, and responsive. Once a date is set for pictures, Sheldon School Pictures does the rest of the work - proofs are emailed to families on the same day, orders are placed online, and pictures are shipped directly to the student's house! We don't see any flyers, order forms, or money come through our office, which teachers (and front office staff) love. When it comes to customer service, organization, and timely responses in the school photo business, few can hold a candle to Sheldon School Pictures.

Glen Hopkins Principal, University Elementary School

I have worked with several school photography companies over the years. Sheldon School Pictures is simply the best I have ever worked with. Steve collaborates closely with our front office to schedule and organize his on-site times. During the past year, he has transitioned to providing all orders and purchasing on-line, freeing the office staff of hours of paperwork. Perhaps the most important endorsement I can share is that Mr. Sheldon and his staff take beautiful pictures. Once the picture is taken, parents have immediate access to view proofs and can order online. Orders are then mailed directly to families. Sheldon School Pictures makes the process of yearly school pictures efficient and painless and leaves us with beautiful memories of our students.

Brenda Whitaker Principal, Edgewood Primary School

Over the course of the last few years, I have found Steve Sheldon to be the easiest of our school vendors to work with and is the best for making sure that the school has as little to do with the process of school pictures as possible. I highly recommend him for work with any school or district.

Kristin Poage Principal, Jackson Creek Middle School

We have worked with Sheldon School Pictures for our school pictures for several years. We have a student population of over 600, and they do an excellent job of planning to ensure our scheduled picture day is efficient. Additionally, we are incredibly fortunate that Sheldon School Pictures takes care of all the back end work so our office staff doesn't handle any orders or money. We are so pleased with Sheldon School Pictures and the excellent service they provide our school and families!

Jennifer Lee Principal, Edgewood Intermediate School

Steve Sheldon and his team have been doing the school pictures for our school for the past several years. Before Steve and his team took over, my team and I dreaded picture day. My class is moderate to severe special needs and any change in our routine is always a big hiccup in our day. Steve has taken that stress out of picture day for us and made it so much easier and more enjoyable. He is flexible with our times and allows us to come back if a student is not doing well. He is incredibly patient with my students and is able to get a smile out of them every time. He keeps taking pictures until he gets a great one but is also able to recognize when a student is done. His team is the same way, patient and understanding. All special needs teachers will appreciate those two qualities in a photographer over any other attribute. My families always comment on how good their child’s pictures turn out and are always very pleased with the finished product. I would highly recommend Sheldon School Pictures for any photography needs your school might have.

Stacey Pie Journey's Teacher, Edgewood Primary School

During my 38 years in education, I have dealt with many vendors. Sheldon School Pictures stands out as having the best customer service as any I have ever worked with. The expedience and quality of their work is unlike any I have seen. They take care of nearly everything! Our school doesn’t have to pass out or collect order forms and we don’t have to deal with collecting money. A link to the student’s pictures is emailed while the pictures are being taken! It truly is a turnkey process. I recommend Sheldon School Pictures without reservation!

Kendall Wildey Superintendent, Columbus Christian School
Former Assistant Superintendent, Jennings County School District

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